What’s In A Brand?

This is our story, This is our passion.

Quite a few people have asked us about our logo and how it came to fruition. Well, sit back with some popcorn and crack a cold one, because it’s story time. Much like most saltwater anglers, we craved the redfish above most species. Why you ask? Because catching reds is just short of having the power of flight, seeing the future, and not dying. In other words, they’re dope to catch. So, an obsession began to grow. Dreams and thoughts were filled with the copper, spotted king of the marsh. Research was done. Tips were sought after.

After many a night of preparation, we picked our day, loaded down the skiff, and headed to the money spot. There we were, sitting in anticipation that would rival a space shuttle launch. When finally, it seemed as though the Discovery herself was hooked to the end of that rod. Drag peeled, the rod bent, and pure nirvana was achieved. After a fight worthy of a king, that beautiful shade of copper rose from the depths. It was a feeling equivalent to unearthing Blackbeard’s treasure. It was the most beautiful fish we had ever seen. It was our first redfish ever. The outline of that redfish in now the Carolina Hook & Line logo. An obsession over one species of fish helped spark this brand. So get out there on the water, drop lines, and pull up your own logo story to tell us some day.

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