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First of all, no, we do not sell fishing line or hooks (even though it would make complete sense if we did). Now that we’ve cleared that up, let us get in to the backstory of who we really are. Carolina Hook & Line Company is a brand that was born on and around the water. We pretty much started out as an Instagram page to post random fish we had caught. But an idea started to cook up in our fish filled minds of a fishing apparel company that could tell the story of us, and many others, who shared our passions for fishing and the outdoors.

We wanted to make a brand that would suffice in the many different fishing applications we partake of, as well as the casual times too. Whether you find yourself 60 miles offshore high speed trolling for wahoo, finessing a dry for that stubborn native brookie, or cracking open a frosty Pabst or Natty sitting fireside atop of a Yeti, you’ll feel right at home in our threads.

With all of this being said, we strive to deliver a superior product that will perform in the harshest days on the water, and the chillest days lounging on the beach. Trust us, we’ve done plenty of both. So, join us in celebrating the rad lifestyle of the water and everything it brings to the table.

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